Understanding the Four C’s

Under 10x magnification, the number, size colour and location of any internal inclusions or external blemishes within or on a diamond determines clarity.

The colour of a diamond is determined by comparing it with an internationally approved set of master stones.

Carat Weight
Diamond weight is measured in a unit known as a Carat with each carat being further split into 100 points.

Cut – the most important factor
The Cut or ‘Make’ of the diamond is possibly the most important of the 4C’s as it can command up to 50% of a diamond’s value.


When the cut is at ideal proportions, the diamond achieves 100% light return or 'total internal reflection', thus the stone will have the maximum brightness and fire, or 'life' possible.

The very latest computer-aided technology is used to measure the cut and if any one of the critical areas falls out of certain set of proportions or tolerances the stone the automatically dropped into a lower category.

As the diamond proportions move away from the ideal standard, the stone can suffer light 'leakage' and possibility dulling the diamond's appearance.

This should be reflected directly in the dollar value. Simply, an ideal cut diamond will command a higher price than an inferior diamond of the same size, colour and carity because it has better 'life'.

As one of the strictest grading proportions in the world, we trust Auscert to grade the diamonds for all our customers. 

To ensure you receive the best quality diamond, we use the latest diamond mapping technology. By scanning the diamond, we are able to produce the cut that give the diamond the best 'life' possible. 

You know if you can trust us with your most prized possessions.  Call us today on 03 9842 4433 or visit us at  49-53 Paula Crescent, Doncaster East.

Source: curtesy of Auscert - Don't buy your diamond without this.

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